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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Officially Saying Goodbye

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..To whom it may concern..
..THANK YOU so much for making my life wonderful..
..I will never let it fade for as long as I live..
..For YOU and I will meet again on that "ONE DAY"..
..Take good care of yourself and your loved ones..
..And remember..
..To not let it happen again..

Someone Is Leaving For A Month Starting Tomorrow

SOMEONE is leaving tomorrow. WHO, u might ask?
I wont tell.
U'll know it TOMORROW.
I'll keep you updated.

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August 30th - 31st - Precious Moments With Precious People @ The LR Asma Hotel, Jerudong

Had fun! fun! fun! with these two kids namely Iqah and Inah. Daughters of my Kaka's friend and also my students. It was one of the moment to be remembered. They talked too much! Hahaha. That was fun tho! And they both are the CURIOUS type! Just be ready with answers! They are not kids easily fooled. Hehehe.

Inah and Iqah, Im looking forward to have another session with you both again!

Had great times during our swimming session! Hehe.



August 30th - With Imah @ WECAN Restaurant

Imah! Hehehe. Please dont be mad I posted these pics in my blog!
Just wanna share with the people around the world bah that ure my bestest companion I have at the moment. U know how many friends Ive lost along the way kan. That was sad. And Im lucky enough to still having you around tho we weren't that close during our times in UBD.
We share thoughts and feelings towards MEN most of the time kan. Hehe. And dearest, whatever Ive told you *lol* please, its just between the TWO OF US ah. I TRUST U! With all my heart! Hehehe.
Im looking forward for another session with you!
Love you Darl.

August 29th - 30th - SPN 21 Diagnostic Assessment Project in Mathematics Workshop @ ITB

Will share more thoughts about this workshop!

Love it!

Looking forward for the continuation of this workshop.

p.s: To my Group 4 (Mathematics) members, these are the pics I have.

I'll email you guys soon.

Keep in touch yea!