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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sajak "Kematian"

Mati itu pasti datang.
Barzakh,akhirat, mahsyar,shirat,syurga dan neraka itu benar adanya.
Hanya kita tak tahu bila masanya kita kembali ke negeri yang kekal abadi itu.

Film - Short Movie - Sakaratul Maut - Your final reminder!

Movies: "Susuk" - August 7th - Can't Wait To Watch it!


Directors:Naeim GhaliliAmir Muhammad
Writers:Bijesh Jayarajan (screenplay)Bijesh Jayarajan (story)more
Release Date:7 August 2008 (Malaysia) more
Genre:Horror Thriller
Plot:add synopsis
NewsDesk:(2 articles) Festival Filem Malaysia: Anak Halal leads the noms (From Twitch. 5 August 2008, 2:22 AM, PDT) Review of Susuk (From Twitch. 17 July 2008, 9:24 AM, PDT)

Movies - I'm Not Single


1hr 26mins, SRD, Drama / Comedy
Lisa Surihani, Awal Ashaari, Farid Kamil, Intan Ladyana
Directed by: Hanung Bramantyo, Pierre Andre

"I'm Not Single" tells of a young couple Maya (Lisa Surihani) and Adam (Farid Kamil) who loathe each other because they are forced into an arranged marriage by their parents. Maya's ailing grandmother wants her to marry as soon as possible despite the fact that she already has a steady boyfriend, Dani (Awal Ashaari). Dani and Maya love each other and had even planned to marry previously. With the arranged marriage looming closer, Dani has to try and figure out how to stop it from taking Maya away from him forever.

My Friendster Horoscope For Today!

The Bottom Line
If you want your needs to be met by others, you need to let them know. Speak up.

In Detail
Is a parent or coach just not giving you the tough love you're looking for? Wish your boss would give you more positive reinforcement instead of negative? Looking for a little bit more affection from your sweetie? If you want your needs to be met by others, you need to do them a favor -- let them know what it is you need! No matter how much they want to be what you need them to be, people cannot read your mind. You've got the diplomatic skills to
say what you want without sounding demanding.