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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It will be an extremely nerve-wrecking moment for me tomorrow!!!

*Ya, ALLAH.. help me*

Give me STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE to face all that tomorrow :(

May everything run smoothly!



January 14th - Mini Shopping & Dinner @ Bunn Nachan, The Mall Gdg

*The Experiment*

*Message for everyone in the house esp my maid and mom!*

*Bought some mealworms for my Science Experiment tomorrow!*

*Bought a pendrive too since Ive lost mine!*

*Bought some tudongs*

*Chicken Boxing*

*Ginger and Garlic Chicken*

*Thai Fried Rice*

*Dinner @ Bunn Nachan (sp?)*

*Jeer and her friend*

January 14th - Break Time Spent With My Year 4B Students - Reading Corner In The Making - Science SPN21 Workshop Orientation Day 3 @ SR Rimba I

*The "angry" female turtle*

*Ivy - Mar - Me*

*Cg Asnah in action*

*Day 2 Workshop by Cg Asnah on Living and Non Living Things (Plants)

*My loyal readers, if you have any storybooks or relevant comics that you don't want anymore, please don't throw away! *hehehe* Please donate it to me :p*

*I know! I know! The "N E R" for the word CORNER is not complete yet cause I left it at home!*
Will stick the rest tomorrow!*