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Monday, December 29, 2008

December 30th - Holidays in KK - Day 3 - Lunch @ The Chicken Rice Shop!

December 29th - Holidays in KK - Day 2

Finally, Sham won the game! *obviously*
Fay came 2nd, bro Taib 3rd, Azman 4th and Tinah 5th :p
Well done guys! *hehehe*

Lane 27

Tryin to key in names! *hahaha*
Wrong place lah!

His size - Sham and Bro Taib :p

Fay was trying hard to "flirt" this U-Bowl lady to get a discount *hahahaha!*

Walk in $5.50 + shoes $2 + socks $2 = RM9.50 per person / game

Bowling Session @ U-Bowl, 1Borneo!

The Lost and Found Wallet :p
Thanks to the "Orang Putih" who found this wallet :)
We owe you one!
May God bless you!
Tinah and Me :p

3 out 5 of the D'Karah members :p

Nice shot - taken by an amateur photogs :p

RM100 - Tinah's treat, well we add another RM40 for our meals :p Thanks Tin :)
Azman - Fay's so called "anak"? Hahahaha :p

Husband and Wife

Tinah's hubby - Sham :)

Our meals!

Tinah - one of my closest buddy in UBD :)
She just arrived today as well :) and lost her wallet :p

Mr. Loud "Fay" *haha* - He just arrived today with his family :)

Dinner @ Kenny Roger's, 1Borneo!

Lunch @ Secret Recipe

Our brunch! :) Love the place :)

@ Warisan Square for Brunch :)

Opposite our hotel

Morning view from our room :)