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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Confessions of A Shopaholic!

release date: Friday February 13, 2009
genre: Comedy
director: P.J. Hogan
studio: Touchstone Pictures
producer(s): Jerry Bruckheimer
screenplay: Tracey Jackson, Tim Firth
cast: Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Leslie Bibb, Lynn Redgrave, Julie Hagerty, Krysten Ritter

Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a sweet and charming New York City girl who has a tiny, little problem that is rapidly turning into a big problem: she's hopelessly addicted to shopping and drowning in a sea of debt. While Rebecca has dreams of working for a top fashion magazine, she can't quite get her foot in the door -- that is, until she snags a job as an advice columnist for a new financial magazine published by the same company. Overnight, her column becomes hugely popular, turning her into an overnight celebrity, but when her compulsive shopping and growing debt issues threaten to destroy her love life and derail her career, she struggles to keep it all from spiraling out of control…and is ultimately forced to reevaluate what's really important in life.

Based on the best-selling series of books by
Sophie Kinsella.

"Bride Wars" - The Movie I've Been Waiting For!

The trailer:

release date: Friday January 9, 2009
genre: Comedy
running time: 89 min.
director: Gary Winick
studio: 20th Century Fox
producer(s): Alan Riche, Julie Yorn, Kate Hudson, Peter Riche
screenplay: Greg DePaul, Casey Wilson, June Diane Raphael
cast: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Johnston, Bryan Greenberg, Chris Pratt, Steve Howey, Candice Bergen


Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are best friends who since childhood have planned every detail of their respective weddings. At the top of their bridal "must have" list: a ceremony at New York's ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel.

Now, at age 26, they're both about to get married; they're about to realize their dreams; and they're about to live happily ever after.

Or maybe not...

When a clerical error causes a clash in wedding dates—they're now to be married on the same date!—Liv, Emma and their lifelong friendship are put to the ultimate test. Liv, a successful lawyer who is used to getting what she wants, including the perfect job and the perfect man, won't settle for anything less than the perfect wedding she has dreamed of for years. Emma, a schoolteacher who has always been good at taking care of others, but not so much in looking after herself, discovers her inner Bridezilla and comes out swinging when her own dream wedding is imperiled.

Now, the two best friends who'd do anything for each other, find themselves in a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners struggle that threatens to erupt into all-out war.

January 24th - Lunch/Hi Tea @ RBC with Maya and Mar! - Happy 30th Birthday, Dk Masrani!!

*Love the desserts!*

*Mar showing her pics on her wedding day which was 6years ago?
She and hubby was chubby then! *hehehe*
Thanks for the "surprise" treat Mar!

*Maya with her seducing pose!*

Happy 30th Birthday, Dk Masrani (my childhood close friend!)

Glad to meet her on her birthday!!
Long Live and May GOD bless you always!

Lunch/Hi Tea @ RBC from 11am to 5pm @ $22.50 per head!

January 24th - Co-curiculum - Music & Drama - Jack and Rose in "My Heart Will Go On!"

*Singing My Heart Will Go On with the music from my programmed keyboard*

*And he personally chosen Hanis over Atikah and said Hanis act better to be Rose!*

*He's REAL good! ROMANTIC! He loves to act!*

*Norhanis - got the most votes in the nomination to be Rose!*

*Ak Saiful Aqil as Jack - got the most votes in the nomination to be Jack!*

*Ke jiwa*

*My personal keyboard (mind the dust!)*

Adi Darwisy (using cap) was the most emotional one! He cried all the way!

Jack & Rose in "My Heart Will Go On" Drama and Music Lesson!
Ive chosen to have this short drama and singing for the opening ceremony for our English Month which will be launched on the 1st of February.
This year, I wanted the English Month to be carried out through arts, music and drama aside from reading (which we have used for so many years now!) and it proved that kids love to sing and act! I will be arranging and preparing some songs that are relevant to the level of classes.
I did my practice during my CCA period and it turned out to be FUN! It was amazing to see my kids to enjoy the drama and singing! Some cried cause the song touched their heart! Cant believed it myself! And some teachers told me that their mind was at ease listening to my kids singing which I didnt realise that it can be heard all over school just now!! (Sorry guys!)
My colleague next door, told me that one of her student cried! OMG!! That was so.. surprising! Hehehe! They hummed to the song!
This is a GOOD sign :) So basically, everyone was talking abt it just now!
Thanks for enjoying the informal "entertainment" guys! :p