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Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23rd - Ambuyat-ing with Kaka Dania @ Aminah Arif, Jerudong


Ikan Goreng

Mixed Cacah of Binjai and Tempoyak



Hati Buyah *yummy*

Sayur Kangkong

Sambal Belacan

Was about to have ambuyat @ Serusop but it was fully packed so we went to Batu Bersurat but no power yet. So we ended up having it @ Jerudong :)
And all the way home, me and my Kaka talked abt the movie on "The Day After Tomorrow!"

January 23rd - Jeer's Creation - Home Made Baked Doughnut with Milk and Cheese

*After baked*

With these two ingredients, Jeer came out with a delish cheesy and milky doughnut!
Super Yummy!!

January 23rd - My Sunday with my Nieces and Nephews!

*And eventually.. fell asleep!*

*Sasha was sleepy when she ate her lunch! Amazingly she ate in her sleep!*

January 22nd - Taklimat/Orientasi Guru-Guru Sains Tahun 4 2009 with the Author, Matthew Cole @ SR Rimba I

*Matthew Cole*

January 22nd - Cg Tinie's Little Ones @ ICT Lab