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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 1st - Malam Serumpun Silaturrahim @ Dewan Di Gadong, KKBS

Dania with her eyes closed :p Napa ya tu Dania? But still senyum ah? Hehehe :p *hugs!*

My companions that nite. Thanks Dania, Lida, Jeer *hugs!*

*The crowd*

*Love the sound of this instrument!*

*Love the sound of the violin*

I laughed seeing this pic! Hahahaha. That was ME! Taking pics *lol*

*Side view of ME! Hahahahahaahaha* Jahat wa Dania and my sis, Jeer left me all alone on stage!
*Lovely and Friendly, Talented Couple Ive ever known!*

(Should see her blog! Very very very nice!!)

Irama Bahtera team *Thumbs Up!*

Soda - Emcee for the nite! She did excellent and made the night kicking!!
Well done!!
If you need her Emcee service, feel free to contact her directly @ http://www.hanazuhainah.blogspot.com
Aju "The Seruling Man" - the friendliest of all..! Hehehe :p
Thanks for entertaining us "the bloggers"!

A free admission event, free food and free entertainment, it was worth going!
(But kami ikhlas ah kesana *hehe*)

Ranoadidas.com was there but for a short while. Didnt get to greet him since our tables were far. (Sebenarnya malu *hehehe*)

Overall, it was an event that NO ONE SHOULD MISSED!

Well done to the Gulingtangan Teams - Irama Bahtera, Canang 9 and Warisan!

Looking forward to your future performances.

(Free or Not, we'll be there to support! InsyALLAH)

P.S. All photos are courtesy of FADILLAH of Irama Bahtera.