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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th - Happy Birthday Dear Cousin, Abdul Muiz!

Happy Birthday, Muiz!
Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu.

July 30th - Rest In Peace - Allahyarhamah Buntar Bte Hj Osman (Daddy's Lil Sister) *Al-Fatihah*

It may have been the will of the most high. But no matter how hard we may try, we still cannot help to wonder why. It had to be you, the apple of my eye. Of all people that had to so suddenly die? When we remember the love between you and us, most times we just can’t help breaking down to cry. And it is so hard to move on even when my tears dry.

Long before you succumbed and passed on, we did believe you were obviously success prone. For you took the world by storm from the time you were born. And even inspired us to look forward to each new dawn. But now that in the twinkle of an eye you are gone, we feel so empty. We may fail to hang in there all alone. But we’ll try the best we can to stay strong when we mourn and then move on without you, hoping we’ll keep on keeping on.

Bar the times you were bogged down by disease, while you were around here life was near perfect bliss. For we lived our lives to the full as and when we’d please before fate decided that you should suddenly cease.

You are the one we will always miss and now that you are not there to hear this. We will tell you we love you by blowing one more kiss and praying that God will rest your soul in eternal peace.

You'll be missed *sobs*


Allahyarhamah Buntar Bte Hj Osman

30th July 2008

July 30th - 3rd Day Admission - Blood Pressure Increases

Get well soon, Dad.
We love you.
Daddy's blood pressure increased due the news of the death of her lil sister, Allahyarhamah Buntar Bte Hj Osman (48 years old). We were also shocked by the sad news. Dad didnt get to see her as he wasn't allowed to by the nurses *sobs* All he did was cry and I was there with my 3 lil sisters to calm him down.
Was really a TOUGH month for me to bear )'=
May she rest in peace.

July 29th - 2nd Day Admission - After Undergoing Surgery

Alhamdulillah, the surgery went smooth.
Thanks Doctors and Nurses

July 28th - 1st Day Admission - Get Well soon, Daddy )=

Get well soon, Dad.
We love you so much.

July 28th - Sending off my bro for the Asean + 3 Youth Festival in Singapore