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Monday, December 15, 2008

Pulau Dinawan Here We Come!!

Pictures courtesy of www.suzila154.blogspot.com!
Thanks babe for posting it for me! Sure we'll spend at least one nite d sana. Hehehe.

December 13th - Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 Chaperons and Committees' Hi Tea Session

Pictures courtesy of www.suzila154.blogspot.com

I've missed this hi tea session :( Im so sorry guys! Here's a lil bit of the story from Suzi's blog.. :)

"Everyone was there, except Saiful. His dad is sick so he couldn't join us. Also our lovely and greatly missed Fred. She'd flown to KK, without us!! :P It was at Rizqun Coffee House at 3pm. Before that I went to Singapore High Commission to return the flags. Little that I know that they only worked half day today so I didn't manage to return them after all. A quick chit-chat with the securities there, they said that missing flags had never happened before so they advised me to replace them with new ones. Sigh~ Flags are not sold in any shops! So guys, if you know how I could get flags, do let me know ya :("