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Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14th - Im Back!

Hey Hey!

Im back in Brunei after my 2days 1night stay in Novotel Hotel in KK! 1Borneo was our main reason to go and shopping of course! Hehehehe! I'll let the pictures which I will upload SOON tells u more about the trip I had! Hehehe! Happening!! Stay tune.. :)

As soon as I arrived back home, I texted my close buddies and planned for dinner @ Nyonya Restaurant. I met my dear friends namely Alai & Hubby & Kids, Tinah & Hubby and of course my close buddy, FAY! Hahahaha! Im sorry guys I didnt manage to get ur Burger King! I tried my best but I cudnt find any BK in 1Borneo as well as at the airport *sighs* I felt bad but luckily I bought some Dotts Egg Tarts and Chocs to replace the BK! Thanks :) We'll get our BK in our next trip together on the 29th ok? Hehehe.. :) We had FUN! And it was an unplanned meet up and I was so so so HAPPY to meet them!! After dinner, we went to Komunis to get some DVDs! We bought some same DVDs! Hahaha. I got myself "The Women", "The Clique" and "My BestFriend's Girl". Cant wait to watch these DVDs!

And Ive to rushed back cause Im meeting my other friends, Fendi and G-Asan who are now sitting next to me when Im typing this! Hahahaa. Fendi is trying to finish up his UBD application which the due date is TOMORROW! He's just so blur in some things in the form that he couldn't asnwer! Alhamdulillah, its all done now!!

Ok thats all for today! I need to shower and unpack the things I bought in 1Borneo!! To mention some, I bought:
- 5 Guess Handbags! *cant help it!!* OMG!!
- 8 pairs of shoes - Charles and Keith *good discount!*
- 10 different perfumes - Britney Spears', Celine Dion's, Esprit, Estee Lauder etc *to mention few*

I managed to take away foods from Starbucks, Dotts and also Secret Recipe!!

KK.. I'll see you again on the 28th!!!!

Cant wait for more shopping!!!! :)