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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Congratulations Uztazah Hjh Yani Bte Ali & Hjh Suzieana Aini Bte Hj Mohd Yusof

Congratulations to both of you for the newly born babies.

Uztazah Hjh Yani - 1st Child - Baby Boy

Born: August 23rd 2008 (Saturday)

Hjh Suzieana Aini - 2nd Child - Baby Girl

Name: Amanda Batrisya Bte Aslan

Born: August 25th 2008 (Monday)

Time of Birth: 11.26am

Will be visiting both of you soon.


Im Officially Missing You )'=

The first time we met, I knew I had a friend. The thing I did not know is that I would want to love you until the very end. Your precious love has turned my life completely around, I feel like I'm walking, but my feet don't seem to touch the ground.

Sometimes you seem to be my shinning light guiding me through the long, dark night. As I lie alone in bed thinking of you and I. I wonder if you think of me too as one more night slowly drags by.

I wish I were there with you, kissing your sweet lips under the pale moon light, and holding you, so very tight. You really are the man of my dreams and I can't wait to be with you, for the rest of my life. I know our time away seems like an eternity, but I'll wait forever to be in your life.

..I love you..
..I need you..
..I want you..
..For all my life..