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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hols in KK - Day 4 - Lunch @ The Chicken Rice Shop - Centrepoint - Dinner @ Anjung Selera - Countdown 2009!

I was supposed to have my 2009 countdown with Tinah & Hubby and Fay @ Cocoon but I ate TOO MUCH of DURIANS and Chicken SALAI @ Selera Anjung (a must!!! Look for "Selera Pantai booth) for my dinner and I ended up vomitting and feeling sick! Not because of food poisoned but I took it beyond the limits hahahaha! Served me right! * - Didnt get to capture pictures here cause we were in a hurry and Ive forgotten to bring my camera! You should have seen HOW MUCH durianssss and Chicken Salaisss + Seafoods (love the prawns masak asam pedas) we had! *hehehe*
I stayed in our room with my parents and sibs except my bro Taib who went out with them instead and as for us, we had the countdown in a traditional way - watched RTM 2 and watched fireworks from our room :(

While waiting for my Kaka we shopped @ Doss, Centrepoint where we could get very very CHEAP shoes (ranged between RM10 - RM 29) - not branded ones tho but we loved the designs :) Will upload the pics once I got back home cause Ive packed my stuffs already!
My Kaka had her hair permed @ Centrepoint

Lunch @ The Chicken Rice Shop - we'll never get bored having the Kerabu Mangga here!
It's so YUMMY! Shud give it a try when ure in KK!

Holidays in KK - Day 3 Part II @ Wisma Merdeka - Southern Bakery - Starbucks - Centrepoint - McD's

@ McD's with Tinah and hubby, Fay and Azman, Me and my bro!
Its 24 hrs so we stayed up till 1am ~:)


Oreo Cheesecake!

*Caramel Cheese Cake* - my choice

We ended up @ Starbucks while waiting for my mom and Kaka to wrap up their shopping!

After hours of shopping, we had a bite @ Southern Bakery - not so yummy!

@ Magic Scissors Salon in Wisma Merdeka - we didnt like the cut!

*Takoyaki* @ Wisma Merdeka - nyum2.. but we didnt manage to get a bite!
Just look at the Q *sighs* and it closes as early as 7pm, so *double sigh*