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Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 6th 2008 - Latest Pics of Dato' Seri Siti Nurhaliza (=

Photos taken from: www.murai.com.my

Attention to all Bruneians: TWO GIRLS MISSING LAST SUNDAY!

Please email to your friends!

Someone out there may be able to help Ms Diddy Lim to locate her nieces.

Dear Friends,

My sister has lost two of her lovely daughters last Sunday and we are very desperate to find them. Therefore I decided to forward out the mail to all my friends and would appreciate that you can give us a helping hand.

My nieces' details:

Sarah Lai WanJun, 13 yrs old, about 160 cm

Cory Lai Kai Li, 8 yrs old, about 130cm

Please forward out this mail with all the pictures attached and keep a look out if you have seen any of them. A million thanks to all.

Thanks and Regards.

Tel: 333 4444

Irene Tan
Security Documentation Unit
Tel: +6732656483 / +6732658048
Fax: +6732656482 / +6732651912