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Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Heart Aches!

She Isn't Coming Back

My heart aches when I talk to you. My heart aches when I don’t hear from you. My heart aches when I long for you. I don’t know why. You’ve taken over my thoughts I can’t explain. Far away I want you close by.

..I miss your embrace..

..Holding you close..

..My heart aches..

Once Upon A Time


Sometimes I find myself thinking of you more than I should but I wont stop myself even if I could.

Thinking about how I wish I could feel your kiss again, your warmth and your presence making me happy.

I see you and I want to show you how I feel. I want to hold you and show you what we had was really remembered.

You were there through the good and bad. You were there if I was mad or sad because I could always count on you to make me smile.

When you act like there is nothing between us, it's just you in denial but the truth is no matter what you still have such an impact on me.

It just took me a while to see that there's still a place for you in my heart whenever we decide to begin a new start.

One Day


I wish you could look inside my heart one day. See how much it's been torn and repaired. And how it beats as you sooth all my pains away.

I wish you could look deep into my eyes. And make all the wishes in the world. I'll try to make them come true. As long as you'll one day be here with me.

Or at times of need, I've proved to be here. Not because I have to but because you're special.

So I'll make this simple. Short and Sweet.

Your not like others.

You almost mean the world to me.

Out Of Need or Choice?

What's Better?

At last the question found it’s voice,

“Are you with me out of need, or choice?”

As he looked into her eyes, he fought with fate and truth and lies and seeking answers deep within. He wondered if he could begin and so the moment paused until he felt his life was standing still. And when at last the clock moved on, he found her voice for so long gone and eye to eye began to speak. As a single fear ran down her cheek, he told her what he thought she knew,

“It’s my heart’s choice, to be here, with you.

August 20th - The Moment I Missed - Solemnisation Day for My 2nd Cousin @ Kg Tamoi Tengah

*Our OLD House*

Danial *thinking*

*2nd Cousin's House*

*2nd Cousin's Hubby on his Becha ride*

*Danial & Nazri*

*Sekolah Rendah Haji Tarif*

*My Grandma & Akma on Becha ride* Hehe

*Bu CT & Akma & Sis & Cousins on their way back to the parking area*

*Lovely 1st Cousins: Adib, Danial, Nazri & Yumni*
*Bu CT, Akma, Bu Incan, Adib, Danial, Nazri*

The above pics (which Ive stolen from my bro's blog http://www.edd208.blogspot.com/) reminded me of how much Ive missed my "Kampong" life *sighs* Somehow, I regretted for not attending the event after seeing my lil cousins happy faces! I guess Ive missed alot of fun times with my family cause I wasn't in the good mood to go down Kampong Ayer, thinking of how HOT it was gonna be (bad me!)

I used to be one the Kampong Tamoi Tengah residents since the day I was born till 1990, when we moved out to Perpindahan Lambak Kanan. And now, its been 18 years! Time flies so fast *sighs* And now I felt Ive missed alot things that I shouldn't have been missing.

I should start to learn to APPRECIATE the MOMENT/S I have NOW before I start to REGRET.

So do you :)


Live Life

August 23rd Birthday Celebrants!

Happy Birthday

To My Beloved Friends

.Wana Ariffin.

.Leah Momin.

.Huraizah Ahmad.

Best wishes to all of you.

Long live and may happiness be with you always.



My Desire "Nissan Intima"

So In Love eh! Wanna get this! Love the interior! Love the colour! Love everythin abt it!