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Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6th - Brunei Times - Friendship blooms in adventure camp By NurulJannah

Farewell show: Students perform at the closing ceremony of the Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp yesterday. Picture: BT/ Jefrisalas

THANKS to the Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008, a friendship blossomed among the participants despite differences in religion and race even as the adventure ended yesterday.

The ceremony began with the recital of Surah Al-Fatihah and the Doa Selamat. This was followed by two representatives' speeches from both countries, where they shared their experiences.

Madleyn Ling Mohd Tony Ling, a representative from Brunei, said that the camp helped them forge friendship with other participants with different religion and racial background. But at the end of the camp, she said, they are just like one big family.

A representative from Singapore, Pang Cai Feng, expressed her appreciation to the courtesy provided by the locals. She said that the unique experiences in culture, as well as in exploring nature, will forever be etched in their hearts.

Present at the ceremony was Hjh Aishah Hj Muhd Husain, Director of Schools, Ministry of Education. The Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008, which brings the theme "This is Where the Friendship Blooms", gathered 20 youths and five teachers from Singapore and 20 local students from schools throughout the country.

Among the activities held include a trip to the Wasan Paddy Fields, Tasek Merimbun Recreational Park, an Ambulong Factory and a trip to Temburong.

The closing ceremony also included four performances by Brunei and Singapore participants, namely, Sang Nila Utama, Jong Batu, Singapore di langgar Todak di Bukit Merah and Sultan Bolkiah, a slide show presentation of the camp's activities and the presentation of certificates to the participants. The event concluded with a closing song entitled "Together (Till We Meet Again)" performed by all the participants.

The camp was hosted by the Brunei Ministry of Education at the Wasan Vocational School.

December 6th - Borneo Bulletin - Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp simply 'unbelievable' by James Kon

The Bruneian and Singaporean national flags held high together.

Muhammad Yusrey receiving his award. - PHOTOS: James Kon

Mr Kuang Yoke Wee exchanging souvenirs with Dayang Hjh Aishah

Participants from both countries singing side by side.

One of the comical skits being performed about a lightning in the sky.

One of the scenes from the winning Sultan Bolkiah story.

The guest of honour presenting the prize of Best Performance to team Killer Beez.
Strengthening understanding through exchanges of culture and tradition has forged a lasting friendship between the youths of Brunei and Singapore, through their weeklong stay together for the Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008.

One of Brunei's participants, Muhammad Yusrey bin Hj Yusli, described the alliance that was formed between the participants of the two countries as, simply, "unbelievable".

Speaking to the Borneo Bulletin, Muhammad Yusrey went on to say, "At first I thought it would be hard for us to get together but as time went by, we got along and built up strong friendships with each other."

He hopes that the programme will continue on to generate even more friendships between the future youths of the two countries.

The Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 came to an end yesterday that was marked by a ceremony at the Rizqun International Hotel.

The guest of honour was Dayang Hjh Aishah binti Hj Muhd Husain, Director of Schools, Ministry of Education.

At the start of the ceremony, representatives from both countries took to the stage and spoke about their enriching experiences from the programme. Pang Chai Seng represented Singapore whilst Maydelyn Ling Mohd Tong Ling represented Brunei. What followed were four entertaining performances by all the participants.

There was also a prize presentation, presented by the guest of honour, in which the winner of the 'Best Performance Award' went to 'Killer Bee' with the story of Sultan Bolkiah. The 'Best Actor Award' went to Muhammad Yusrey bin Hj Yusli of G Cube whilst 'Best Actress Award' went to Maftuhatus Sainah binti Mohd Hambali.