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Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17th - Saturday Night Out with The BSAC2008 Chaperones @ Cheezbox

*Met Lida*

*Suzi got confused with the bill and thanks to the "Menteri Kewangan" (no other than ME ;p) of the night!

*Our trademark during the camp*

*Hjh Yani with ZulF*

*Dr. Fandy*

*Dr. Fandy and Sharul*

*Suzi and Lulu from SMB*

*Chocolate Lava*
We saw other customer ordering it, so we ordered one too!
Hahahaha.. kasian Lulu has to finished it up all by herself!

*Thanks for the cake!*

That was a surprise! Hahaha! I was surprised when the waitress came to ME and said the cake was for ME! Hahaha! It isnt my bday yet! But then it was an appreciation cake from our Camp Commandants!! *So sweeeeeeeet!*

*Danny and Dr. Fandy from SMV*

*Diana from Sekolah Menengah Vokasional with her "307" menu*

*Danny with his Ultimate Chocolate*

*My lovely Ms Hjh Yani from Maktab Sains*

*Danny from Sekolah Menengah in KB*

*A dare for Danny to eat "Escargot" (sp?) - SNAIL!*

*Mushroom soup*

*Bruschetta (sp?)*

*Danny's choice*

*Beef nachos*

*Shepard's pie*

*Milo slush*

*Baked Chicken Chop Rice*

*Japanese Chicken Teriyaki*

*Honeydew slush*

*Kolo mee special*

*While waiting for the rest to arrive..*

*Only 9 of us showed up out of the 20 seats Ive booked.. yet it was FUN!*