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Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14th - Vain-ing!

Ive just taken this pic a while ago after my shower. Hehe. I know. Its vain. Hehe. So yea, this is me, TODAY (=

August 14th - Full Rehearsal for Pesta Sukan @ The Indoor Stadium, Berakas

More pics of this event can be seen at http://www.srdatoothmanbru2a.blogspot.com

Auguts 13th - Hangouts with students - Science Workshop @ UBD - Movie "Im Not Single" with Aunt & Uncle, cousins!

Movie review: It was BORING! I slept! *lol*

LOVE the workshop! I missed UBD so much! I felt like Im still studying!
It was FUN meeting old UBD coursemates!
Cant wait for another session!
FYI, I'll be attending this Science workshop every Wednesday which started yesterday, Aug 13th until November 5th!

August 12th - Happy 29th Birthday to Bro Md Adi Syukri!

Happy 29th Birthday!
Semoga Panjang Umur dan DiMurahkan Rezeki Selalu
Be a Man! *lol* (Jgn Marah)

Auguts 12th - Another session of "Nan-ing" @ The Sagar Restaurant with my two sisters

Love the Chicken curry and Tandoori Chix!!

My Friendster Horoscope For Today!

The Bottom Line
If a person isn't patient enough to listen to what you say, don't let it bother you.

In Detail
The person you'll be spending a lot of time with today might not be patient enough to listen to every word you are saying, so try not to make today the day that you confess anything major or bring up a delicate topic. But just because they aren't fully engaged doesn't mean that you won't have a great time with them.
It's just not the right day to make a deep connection. Keep the conversations light and fun, and don't expect any major milestones to be met.